About Us

Hi! Welcome to VirginiaLee!

Currently, I been working at Walmart for 15 years. In my experience I found quality and satisfaction are key to a good business. Here I like to find unique items and products each month to excite the emotions of each customer.

 I started VirginiaLee with a commitment to deliver innovation and convenience to you as a customer. As humans we have the hunt and find that one item that was something which excited your imagination enough to spread innovation and creativity to all those around you. The need to find an adventure or feel like a kid again, or someone else. 

It is my mission to only list the Best and most Affordable items on this website. Items that make those around you ask you where you got that item. Because, a smile on someone's face is the greatest experience.

Free Tracked Shipping

Customers pay what they want, and no unnecessary shipping costs, so we take the shipping costs at our own expense! Plus we also track all our products. 

99.5% Customer Satisfaction

Our team ensures that you are satisfied with your order.

Customer Service

 You can always reach us via chat or via email

30 Days Money Back

We offer a 30-day reflection period so that you can return your products within 30 days.